redonepicHello I’m Andy Tyrrell, owner of TnT Computing, I work as a computer programmer  and I’m also a qualified ICT teacher. I am offering my services as a consultant to help schools transition to the new computing curriculum

Having worked with local ICT Teachers through training events, within the classroom as well as through my role as a governor of my local primary school I have found that many of these teachers, whilst excellent classroom teachers and able to deliver the existing ICT curriculum lack the confidence and technical skill to teach computer science.

ICT curriculum is being replaced by a computing curriculum from September 2014, existing ICT skills will still be needed, however computer science is now at the core of the curriculum and there is a statutory requirement to deliver the new curriculum through all four key stages, KS1-4

I offer guidance and support to schools going through this transition to the new curriculum.

  1. INSET training to subject teachers
  2. Help with Curriculum Design
  3. Advice on equipment and training to deliver new curriculum
  4. Develop cross curricular programs

For details on the new curriculum I recommend this excellent document from the

Computing is everywhere and I feel strongly that for children to have the skills to be the next generation of developers they need to be given the opportunity to work with devices that allow them to interface with the real world. Two of these that are reasonably priced are the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. I have been working with Willingdon School pupils exploring the possibilities of using the Arduino as an introduction to programming. They have been interfacing the Arduino with lights, servos, buzzers, motors, remote control  devices and have produced a variety of projects from music synthesisers to robots

For more information on the Arduino

For more information on the Raspberry Pi